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Prophetic Music & Worship

Randy wants to share with you about the significant of the role of true prophetic music and worship led by the prophetic psalmist. Here's are few tid-bits from Randy's experience.

Prophetic Music & Worship Overview


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Prophetic Praise and Worship Music

Only a propetic psalmist can catch the flow of the prophetic sound from heaven, and those that do, stir up the prophets and the body of Christ. There calling is to bring us into the prescence of the bride groom so we can hear the sounds of His love for his bride. This is a picture of intimacy with Jesus Christ the bride groom and His Bride.

Prophets Stir The Psalmist - Psalmist Stir The Prophets

King David is a perfect picture of a prophet-psalmist mix. The sounds that proceeded out of him caused demons to flee and oppression to go it's way for the tormented. Being a prophet/psalmist, David did not need a musican to stir him up, he stirred himself up with the music and worship of his psalmist heart. David could begin moving in the prophetic realm because of his prophet/psalmist office in order to establish a place where God could come and move freely to chase away darkness and give answers by the glorious light of God's living word and prescence. This is one of the reasons David was chosen to be the King over God's people, Israel. His God given abilities opened up heaven into the earth-places wherever David's place of rulership was (Jerusalem, Israel).

Entering Creative Places Thru Prophetic Word/Ship

God is a creator and loves to create through the living word that comes out of His mouth and proceeds out of the mouth of the prophets and those that are working with the prophets will be under the creative prophetic words. This prophetic mantle on the prophets overflows on to all that beleive the prophets are directed by God's voice.

All He needs is an established place in the earth of His Own so He can do what He wants. There are two places God needs to be His in order to have His way. The first place is a human being, born again, filled with the Holy Spirit who is giving back to God what He paid for at Calvary's cross thru the finished word of Jesus Christ. The second place in our natural dwelling places, our homes, businesses, church's so these places become the place where God can create and make things that will not pass away by the tribulations of life the enemy and the world system.

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