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Randy and Julie would love for you to join us on our different outlets of ministry so you can enjoy the fullness of the prophetic available to all that desire to receive the word of the Lord from this ministry. Enjoy!

Prophetic Ministry Overview


Live Talk Show Times

Every Monday - Thursday 9pm - 11pm (CST)

Call in and receive a prophetic word from Randy as his "live" show is on every week four times a week for two to three hours each night. The program is "live" only and if Randy is out of town or not able to be on the program "live," that particular program will be cancelled, however Randy is there most of the time to minister to each person personally. Enjoy!

Communion with Randy and Julie

Every Thursday at 9pm (CST)

Every Thursday night Randy and Julie will hold a "live" communion service over the air. You may join them by calling in to listen at 347-989-8708 or go to and click on "Live Talk Show" watch and partake of communion "live" on video or listen by the BlogTalkRadio link on the same website page.

If you listen or watch by a smart phone, iPad or iPhone go to:

Live Prophetic Prayer Over Offerings

Every Thursday 9pm

Every Thursday Randy will pray and prophesy personally over each of the offerings that come in from the listeners of the Live Prophetic Talk Show. Randy will call out your first name and the state the gift came from and he will personally pray and prophesy over each persons gift that has come in during the week through the mail or through RCM's financial service (PayPal) from the listeners of the Live Prophetic Talk Show. Click Here to see more..

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